Llumar AIR Blue: Light Enough To Tint A Windshield

Tired of getting into a hot car?

When people ask us to tint the windows in their car or truck, it’s usually because they are tired of getting into a burning hot cabin. Of course we can help with that, but while most window tint installer’s will be happy to tint the passenger windows and maybe a strip across the top of the windshield, we have an additional, more effective solution!

Llumar AIR Blue is an Advanced Nano-Ceramic Technology window tint film – It doesn’t interfere or reduce the signal to your cell phone, radio, radar detector or navigation.

Most window tint films must use a very dark tint to achieve the same level of heat rejection. AIR Blue is so light that it is a legal windshield tint in Florida, at 78% Visible Light Transmittance! “With AIR Blue in place, the vehicle and its occupants will be shielded from the effects of solar radiation and the cabin surfaces will be cooler as well”, says Rainer Bechtold, global category director for CPFilms (Llumar).

Llumar tested the AIR Blue window tint in a harsh desert climate and was able to demonstrate that a vehicle with it installed can keep interior surfaces up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than an identical vehicle without tint installed. That means that your car or truck will be cooler the moment you get in AND your Air Conditioning will blow cooler, quicker because it isn’t cooling off a hot dash and hot vents first. Now that is absolutely amazing.

Visible Light Transmittance: 78%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 43%
Visible Light Reflected: 9%
Ultraviolet Rejected: 99.9 %
Infrared Transmission (1600 Nanometers): Infrared Transmission (1090 Nanometers):
*Properties measured with film mounted to 3mm clear glass.

Ask one of our Melbourne Window Tint Installation experts and Highway HiFi about Llumar AIR Blue for your vehicle.

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