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Navigation Systems Beat Map Apps

To meet your in-car navigational needs, you may be relying on a smartphone app. Since the arrival of map apps, some people have assumed that dedicated navigational systems are antiquated.  However, their assumption is wrong. There are many reasons why a dedicated GPS device is more advantageous...

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How Shock Sensors Can Save Your Vehicle

Most standard car alarms rely on door sensors alone. These entry-level sensors, connected to the vehicle’s doors, may be extremely sensitive, but they still have one purpose: sound an alarm when someone touches a door handle or opens a door. As sensors have become more advanced, many drivers...

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When Spring Blooms, Your Car Speaker Booms!

Spring is here, and you know what that means: more opportunities to have a good time. Springtime brings more parties, beach days, and warm weather to the Sunshine State, and your vehicle plays a big role in these seasonal adventures. But something else plays a big role too:...

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