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Feeling Lost? We’ve Got Navigation Systems For That

Have you been driving around holding your smartphone in one hand while trying to make the right turn to get to your next destination? Are you wishing that you got the factory-installed navigation when you bought your latest new car? The fact is that a navigation system permanently installed in your dashboard doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, can be updated with current mapping software and can even enhance the function of your vehicle. You still have choices beyond the haphazard assistance of Google when you didn’t shell out for the top trim model at the dealership.

Aftermarket Doesn’t Have to Look Like an Add-On

There are many aftermarket navigation systems that can be installed in your dashboard and provide a seamless appearance that works with your interior trim. Select from polished black, brushed chrome and even wood-like faceplate frames. The system will be set back into the dash such that your passengers will think that the unit was delivered to you straight from the factory. It might even look better than your mid-range leather-like console and dash trim.

Large Color Displays

Along with precise turn-by-turn directions provided through GPS technology, the latest navigation systems are easy to read and see with crystal clear color displays varying in size from five inch diagonal to the large eight inch screen produced by Alpine. Along with voice recognition software, the screens now support touch and swipe technology. You’ll feel like you are using your smartphone when scrolling through your saved destinations. Large fonts, intuitive graphics and real-life voice delivery mean you won’t be struggling to see, hear or understand what this onboard computer is trying to tell you.

Voice Recognition Software Changed the Game

If you had a nav system from ten years ago, you probably suffered through the growing pains of voice recognition software. Your new nav system is going to be much better at understanding your local accent when speaking a location and entering it in to obtain directions. When you purchase the right product, simply press a button to alert your nav that you need directions and then simply say where you are going. You might not even need the street address when searching for popular destinations like shopping centers, airports and tourist attractions.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road with Audible Features

There are also nav products that provide audible turn-by-turn directions. Instead of constantly glancing down at the display of the constantly updating map, simply wait for the nice lady in the computer to alert you to the approaching turn. Some systems allow you to choose among a variety of voice personalities, so you can be more comfortable receiving directions. Your eyes and attention remain on the road, not trying to refocus on the ever fluctuating screen as traffic conditions alter and the system recalculates the fastest way.

Head Up Displays Help You Stay Focused

Sometimes smaller is better when it is positioned in just the right place. The latest updates in the navigation industry include building displays into powered rear view mirrors. When you keep your head up, you are better able to avoid pedestrians, other vehicles and keep your vehicle in the proper lane as you wind your way through unfamiliar parts of the city. You can check the updates on the nav display with a slight turn of your head, not dropping your eyes down to the shift knob.

In short, if you owned a navigation system ten years ago, a new aftermarket unit installed in your vehicle will not function or look anything like the one you remember. Maps are more accurate, touch screens offer intuitive access to the software, and voice recognition and spoken turn-by-turn directions really help you stay safe while exploring new roads.

Finally, You Won’t Believe the Cost

The automotive industry tricks you into believing a good and attractive navigation system is worth several thousand dollars as they are rarely available on anything except the most expensive version of your desired vehicle. The fact is you can banish the frustration of scrolling through a map on your smartphone with your thumb and enjoy an integrated nav system professionally mounted in your dash for a much lower price.

Give us a call or swing by our showroom at Highway HiFi and check out our extensive selection of updated navigation systems. We’d love to help you find the one just right for your vehicle and your budget.

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