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Would You Notice If Your Factory Speakers Went Bad?

As your resource for stereo installation in Melbourne, Florida we enjoy upgrading your mobile audio experience. But what if you don’t even know that your car’s stereo system is due for an upgrade? Factory speakers may sound good at first, but will most likely deteriorate over time and require replacement.

If you’re still listening to music through your car’s factory speakers, chances are that the sound quality isn’t what it once was. Do your ears know what they’re missing? According to a recent Crutchfield video, factory speakers start out being efficient, loud and accurate. But over time they deteriorate due to heat, cold or humidity. The surrounds and cones can crack and tear. Because this is a slow process, your ears might not register the poor sound quality coming from your car’s factory speakers.

Are you ready to give your ears the treat of a lifetime? Stop by or call the stereo installation experts at Highway Hifi to find out which incredible aftermarket car speakers we have waiting for you.


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