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Best: Llumar CTX

LLumar_LogoLlumar‚ CTX is a ceramic window film that provides all the best in tint protection. As technology has improved, Llumar has been able to produce a window film that has BETTER UV and Infrared radiation protection than metallic films and because they don’t contain metal particles, ceramic based films will not negatively affect the signal for wireless and cellular devices.

CTX won‚ reduce your cell phone signal strength.


Awesome product, 5% better UV and infrared radiation protection than ATR. Has NO affect on wireless signal. 


Higher Price-Point

Llumar CTX is the right product for you if you’re the highest-quality tint to protect your vehicle from UV rays and heat without sacrificing radio frequency signal. This product offers maximum protection and maximum performance.

Installation of Llumar CTX is precise because we use a digital film window film plotter that precisely cuts window film to the exact specifications for your vehicle. This means we’ll never have razor blades anywhere near your ride. We also showcase the ONLY dust-free tint installation bay in all of Brevard County!

Call 321.723.6976 today to schedule your appointment to tint your car windows in Melbourne Florida or all of Brevard County. Most cars will be done in an hour. All vehicles can have tint installed in under 90 minutes!