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The Aftermarket Features We Love

As your Melbourne car audio installers, we’re proud to carry the best aftermarket products for your audio system, mobile security, or in-car entertainment needs. We install and service everything we sell to bring our customers the best possible experience and we enjoy helping our customers find their next favorite car feature. This Valentine’s day, we want to highlight the aftermarket features we love the most. From modern speakers to sleek navigation units, we’re happy to carry the best products on the market. If you’re thinking about adding an aftermarket feature to your vehicle, consider one of these features:


Once you hear the difference between stock speakers and aftermarket speakers, you won’t ever be able to go back. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) speakers can leave your favorite music sounding thin and boring. With aftermarket speakers unique to your audio system and vehicle, you can customize your speakers to sound just as you want them to. For a better sound quality, greater customization, and improved functionality, you’ll want to ditch your stock speakers for something that you can really enjoy. You can also add a custom subwoofer system and amplifier.

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Back-Up Cameras

While many new vehicles come with a back-up camera already installed, older models are missing this must-have safety feature. Installing rearview safety technology such as a camera or sensor helps to prevent injury, reduce accidents, and keep your loved ones safer. A back-up camera can be easily integrated into your dash-unit or even as a replacement rearview mirror with a back-up camera feature.

Window Tint

In the Melbourne, Florida heat it’s almost impossible to drive around without a window tint to protect your skin, car interior, and belongings. At Highway HiFi, we proudly install Llumar Window Film, which helps keep your car cool in harsh temperatures. Window film can help cool down the cab of your vehicle faster, increase privacy, and protect your upholstery and dashboard from sun damage. Llumar Window Film also blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. With a variety of window film options and a lifetime guarantee, you can trust that you’ll find the perfect tint to keep your vehicle looking and feeling cool all year round.

Car Stereos

If you love listening to your favorite music how and when you want to, you’ll want to think about finding a car stereo with all of the features you need. We carry Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Phoenix Gold, and Cerwin Vega to bring you the absolute best in car audio. When you install a new car stereo, we can integrate your music right into your system. You can also integrate your music into your custom stereo system with bluetooth or steering wheel controls. With an aftermarket stereo, you can find something with the best playback options, app integration, physical controls, and power to meet your needs.

Shock Sensor

Having a shock sensor in addition to a traditional car alarm helps to keep your vehicle and belongings secure. An alarm system won’t sound until it’s too late, so having a shock sensor to alert you when your vehicle is jostled or hit with enough force to signal a problem is the best way to secure your vehicle. With a shock sensor set at the appropriate intensity, you’ll be alert to any problems before it’s too late.

Choosing a few aftermarket features to add to your vehicle can help you feel more comfortable and secure on the road. Since you can customize certain features to be exactly what you need, your satisfaction is up to you. At Highway HiFi, we proudly install everything that we sell, so if you find the perfect feature for your vehicle, we can have it installed the same day! There’s many products and features that we love, but this Valentine’s Day come see for yourself. Our team can help you choose the perfect products to add to your ride.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine this year, we can help you choose the best gift for the car enthusiast or music lover in your life. We also have gift certificates available for those pickier Valentines who would like to come in and see their options for themselves.

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