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CES 2017: The Latest in Mobile Audio Technology


The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is currently underway this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the past 50 years CES has been a hub for innovators from around the world to meet and share the latest in consumer technologies and innovations of the future. Each year companies, manufacturers, developers, and suppliers showcase their latest technologies to over 165,000 attendees. This year one can see a range of technologies from developed self-driving cars and the latest TV’s to smart home gadgets and drones.

When it comes to the world of consumer electronics, the show would be incomplete without the latest CarPlay technologies from industry leading car audio manufacturers. This week both JVC and Kenwood released new aftermarket CarPlay systems to bring iPhone users additional aftermarket options for in-dash software integration. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see from some of your favorite mobile audio manufacturers in 2017:


With Kenwood’s latest DMX7704S unit you can expect to see more options for in-car integration and improved touch response. The new unit features the latest clear resistive display panel and better electronic viewing angle adjustments. The unit will offer CarPlay and Android Auto in addition to dual USB ports, HD radio, SIriusXM, Pandora, rear-view camera support, and bluetooth calling and streaming. In addition to its many features, the unit has capabilities to playback media encoded as Waveform Audio and Direct Stream Digital files. The DMX7704S unit also supports the High-Resolution Audio format and is compatible with Free Lossless Audio Codec and Advance Audio Coding files with a built-in 13-band equalizer.


In 2017, JVC will be introducing seven new multimedia receivers, two of which will have CarPlay and Android Auto Support. Specifically, their KW-M730BT model will offer drivers a 6.8- inch screen, USB ports, and support for 192kHz/24-bit FLAC-encoded media.


Alpine revealed its latest in aftermarket stereo systems with its iLX-107 7-inch in-dash receiver. This unit is one of the first available with wireless CarPlay support. It also features WVGA capacitive touch screen and LED backlighting. This model also has rear-view camera support, an aux input, and three 2V preouts. Alpine will also be releasing CarPlay updates for three other displays in their arsenal.

As your Melbourne mobile audio professionals, we proudly carry the best and most innovative brands in the industry. If you’re gearing up to install the newest aftermarket equipment in your dashboard, our team can help you choose the best products to meet your needs. Along with a fresh new in-dash stereo, you’ll need the speakers and amplifiers to provide you with the rich and fresh sound you’re looking for.

Trends throughout CES 2017 definitely suggest more streamlined and integrated ways to listen to music anywhere from your home to your car. “Smart” systems are offering consumers more customized ways to enjoy their favorite music when and where they choose. With simpler ways to connect your device to your vehicle, you’ll be able to access all of your music safely and efficiently.

Other new gadgets on display at CES 2017 aim to provide customers with the latest “smart” home technology, gaming devices, self-driving vehicles, 3D printing devices, and connected devices ranging from mattresses to showers. While many of the cars and technologies on display seem as if they’re pulled out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, the aftermarket audio equipment offers consumers features that they can enjoy and integrate seamlessly into their daily lives. If you’re interested in having the latest and greatest car technology, be sure to follow the innovators attending CES 2017.

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