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Maintain Safety with Hands-Free Bluetooth

We all know about the dangers of texting while driving, but it is alarming just how few people actually do something about it. There seems to be a resounding impression that we are much better multi-taskers than we actually are. However, the facts don’t lie: in the amount of time it takes you to read a text message, your car will have traveled farther than the length of a football field without you looking at the road if you are traveling at freeway speeds. That’s a long way to drive blindly, and that doesn’t even factor in the amount of time it will take you to respond.

Fortunately, we live in an age when technology, though it is the cause of this problem in the first place, can actually be of great help. Hands-free devices with Bluetooth connectivity enable you to send and receive messages, answer and make calls, get directions, play your favorite music and more. Many modern cars already come with this capability equipped, letting you connect your smartphone or tablet to the car’s speakers and use voice commands to operate everything.

However, you can still go hands-free even if you drive an older vehicle or a new one that didn’t come with this technology. There are many aftermarket Bluetooth products that you can have installed in your car to make your drive easier, safer and more convenient.

Mobile Phone Connectivity

Connecting your smartphone to your car is the easiest way to stay connected while on the go and will give you the greatest functionality. With technology like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can sync your phone with your vehicle. This way, you can access your calling and messaging capabilities, as well as your phone’s GPS, music library and other helpful apps. You can have this feature installed after you have bought your car if your system is compatible with it.

Other devices enable you to connect with your phone for some capabilities but not others. For example, you may be able to make calls hands-free, but you might not be able to access the GPS. Some technology will allow you to hear the audio from your phone through your car’s speakers, while others have their own, standalone speakers. There are many options available for you to choose from in this area and at a variety of price points, so take the time to explore your options before making a final decision. In general, you’ll pay more for additional features, though this isn’t always the case.

Voice-Activated Audio

If you don’t need or want all of the capabilities of your smartphone, you can still go hands-free with your music. Even if you have mastered changing radio stations by feel, this action still takes your mind off of driving. It is much easier to say, “Play channel 3,” than it is to feel around for the button while trying not to take your eyes off the road. With a voice-operated entertainment system, you can adjust the volume, change stations, skip to the next song in a playlist or even play a specific song, all without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

Navigation Systems

While many cars come with navigation systems nowadays, many of them still require you to type in the address of your destination before you depart. Hands-free GPS systems let you speak the address so that you can get directions on the fly. You can also re-adjust your route to accommodate changing traffic conditions. In some cases, you can have this type of navigation system installed directly into your vehicle, while in others, you’ll have a standalone device on your dashboard or windshield.

At Highway Hi Fi, we have helped countless Floridians upgrade their vehicles with high-quality hands-free systems, and we can help you too. It is more than worth the expense for the equipment and installation to preserve your safety while out on the road. Reach out to us today to learn more about our hands-free Bluetooth options and request a free price quote.


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