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Are your windows still unprotected from the sun? In Florida, it’s easy to associate tinting with hot, bright summer days. However, the benefits of window tint don’t end when temperatures drop. In fact, tinting offers new benefits during the colder months, preventing everything from ice-cold interiors to early-sunset headlight glares. Now that winter is here, it’s actually a great time to tint your windows, especially if you’ve gone without any sun protection until now.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to have window tint, even in the winter:  

Improve Your Insulation
Windows are huge sources of temperature transfer. While that usually means summertime heat gain, glass throughout your vehicle can also cool down the interior and create an icebox effect. Just as leather seats and metal seat belt buckles can get unbearably hot, Florida vehicles can get downright frigid without any barrier between the glass and outside temperatures. Instead of wasting time and gas warming your car back up, create an insulating layer with window tint.  

Increase Your Road Visibility
Do you plan to drive in states with ice and snow – or at night, when rare freezes are more likely to cover the roads? If so, window tint could help minimize dangerous glares caused by artificial lights and ice, snow, and sleet. Of course, daytime glares are still a problem in winter too, especially if changing sunrise and sunset times mean you’re driving into bright glares during your commute. Whether or not there’s ice on the roads, window tint will help spare your eyes from distracting headlights and sunlight.

Reduce Sun Damage
Let’s face it: Florida winters are more like mild autumns or springs in northern states. In a place where sunshine is ample all year long, window tinting is a valuable investment all year long too. Without it, ultraviolet sunlight penetrates your windows and windshield, wreaking havoc on the quality and color of your upholstery – and posing health risks for your skin and eyes too. UV-resistant film will block these harmful rays and help preserve your interior.

Increase Your Fuel Efficiency
Whether you’re blasting your heater in the early morning or cranking up the air conditioner after a day in the sun, your vehicle’s fuel-intensive climate control system probably gets plenty of action during the winter. Of course, window tint helps preserve the indoor temperature of your vehicle, reducing your risk of climbing into an uncomfortably hot or cold car. After installing window tint, you may not have to run your air conditioner or your heating element as often. This is good news for the environment, and it also spares your vehicle’s components and leads to fuel savings for you.

Make Installation Easier
When we install and cure window tint, our goal is to make sure it adheres to the glass smoothly, evenly, and completely. Humidity can make it more difficult to properly apply window tint, because the film can’t dry evenly and properly. Extreme temperatures can also cause problems during the installation process, like rapid or improper drying, which can create air bubbles or delays in the process. If mild weather is ideal for window tint installation, Florida winters might just be perfect.   

Upgrade Your Style
Want your vehicle to look sleeker and more discreet? The holiday season is a great time to treat your windows to an upgrade. At Highway HiFi, our certified technicians use Llumar window film, a high-quality product available in a series of different darkness options. For example, if you want serious protection from UV light and infrared radiation, opt for high-performance metalized window tint. If you prefer some shade without any signal interference, choose ceramic window tint from their CTX series. Your window tint will be cut precisely to your vehicle’s specifications, and our team will handle every detail of the installation process.

Call us today to learn more about our window tinting services in Melbourne. We can’t wait to help you winterize your vehicle, and we think you’ll enjoy the benefits of your new window tint next summer too.

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