How to Improve Your Car’s Safety with Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are automotive upgrades that make it easier to park, but this technology isn’t just convenient. By increasing your rear visibility when you need it most, backup cameras may actually save lives. Maybe that’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now requires back-up cameras on all new vehicles sold in the United States. The manufacturing rule was proposed in 2014 and implemented in May 2018, all in an effort to prevent injury, death, and property damage while vehicles back up. So, how will you make sure your risks are low when you’re in reverse?

If your ride was manufactured before the NHTSA mandate took effect, you can still join the growing crowd of drivers with eyes in the backs of their vehicles. Install one of our after-market backup cameras to improve your visibility and safety every time you back up. Here’s what you need to know about backup cameras and their impact on your driving experience:

How Backup Cameras Improve Safety

Research backs up the life-saving potential of backup cameras. For example, one Los Angeles study compared backup cameras to parking sensors, and found that backup cameras were more effective at preventing pedestrian backover crashes. In fact, cameras alone worked better than a combination of cameras and sensors.

Of course, you don’t need a study to know that you’re safer with a smaller blind zone. If you want to reduce your risk of backing into people or property behind you, it just makes sense to increase your rear visibility. After all, unexpected obstacles may appear after you check your mirrors, and small, low-to-the-ground obstacles aren’t always visible from the driver’s seat.

How Backup Cameras Work

Backup camera installations usually require a few different components and connections. For example, you need a camera somewhere on the back of the vehicle, a screen inside the cabin to view the rearview camera feed, a power source that turns the camera and feed on when the vehicle is in reverse, and video connections between the camera and screen. If your vehicle already has an infotainment system or navigation system with a digital display, you’re in luck, because your camera may be able to communicate with it.

Of course, installing this sensitive equipment and establishing electrical connections will require some experience and knowledge about your car’s components. If you’re not sure exactly where or how to install all the hardware and run all the wires, leave it to the professionals and schedule a same-day installation. There’s no reason to risk your safety when it comes to electricity or your own visibility.

You Have Plenty of Backup Camera Options

Not sure what kind of backup cameras is right for you? Fortunately, your installation options are numerous, because there are lots of ways to stream live footage of the space behind your vehicle. Pick the configuration that works best for you, depending on the technology you already have, the vehicle your drive, and the camera(s) you choose.

For example, one after-market backup camera option is a replacement mirror. This installation requires us to replace your current rear-view mirror with an upgraded version, which contains a small video screen within it. Other backup cameras connect to separate, independent screens, which can be installed in a variety of places within your cabin. And some include cameras that actually mount within the license plate frame and connect to the brake lights.

Backup Cameras Are Supplements, Not Replacements

Of course, it’s important to remember that backup cameras don’t replace your own ability to spot obstacles. Your rear-view mirrors, ears, and eyes are still crucial for inspecting the area around you, especially if you plan to back up. And because wireless interference can happen and hardware can fail for a variety of reasons, you should never rely solely on any driver assistance technology to prevent collisions.

Which backup camera is right for you? Our automotive team can help you find the best after-market upgrade for your vehicle. Come to our Melbourne shop to improve your visibility with a same-day backup camera installation.



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