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How Shock Sensors Can Save Your Vehicle

Most standard car alarms rely on door sensors alone. These entry-level sensors, connected to the vehicle’s doors, may be extremely sensitive, but they still have one purpose: sound an alarm when someone touches a door handle or opens a door. As sensors have become more advanced, many drivers are opting for an upgrade that monitors more than just the doors. Now, you can choose to invest in shock sensors too.

Systems with shock sensors are wise investments, because these sophisticated sensors offer additional protections that door sensor systems can’t provide. Learn how shock sensors work, what benefits they offer, and how you can add them to your next custom vehicle upgrade in Melbourne.

What Shock Sensors Actually Do for Your Vehicle

Some shock sensors are more sensitive than others, but they all rely on a basic principle: detecting shocks and vibrations. Each sensor contains two different contact points, and when nearby movement jostles them, they touch one another and send out a current of electricity. Depending on how sophisticated your security system is, this current will directly reflect the intensity of the movement that triggered it. In other words, if your truck is lightly tapped, the shock sensor contact points will interact briefly, creating a small mechanical burst of activity. This may be a computerized reaction, or a metal ball rolling back and forth between the contact points, triggering them only at certain speeds. And if someone comes up to your car and shakes it, the sensors should experience a flurry of interaction, causing a stronger signal and a stronger reaction.


Of course, shock sensors cannot work alone. After they respond to nearby (or direct) force, something must interpret their response and react accordingly. That’s where the rest of your security system comes in. Shock sensors are always integrated into alarm systems or mobile security systems, which may tap into additional functions of the vehicle, like the horn or the headlights. When sufficient threats are detected, these security systems actually honk the horn or flash the lights. Thanks to sensitive shock sensors, the reaction can now be customized, from light tapping of the horn to full-blown blaring, depending on the force of the threat.

Why Shock Sensors Are Safer Than Door Sensors

So, what do you get when you protect your vehicle with a security system that includes shock sensors? Unlike systems that are limited to door sensors, shock sensor security systems can do the following:


  • Sound alarms before break-ins occur – If an intruder is already entering your vehicle, a door alarm doesn’t give you much time or power to react, but shock sensors can actually respond to the first sign of movement around your vehicle, deterring would-be criminals or giving you more warning about the crime in progress
  • Give warning sounds before sounding full alarm – Because shock sensors are designed to interpret and respond to the force of motion, they have multiple modes, including a warning honk or light flash before progressing to a full-scale alarm; this reduces ear-piercing false alarms due to weather, too
  • Prevent accidental damage – Door alarms may deter criminals, but what if someone or something is about to damage your vehicle accidentally? Shock sensors make it possible to warn strangers who jostle or bump into your vehicle, before they actually make a dent

How to Customize a World-Class Security System with Shock Sensors

Shock sensors are just the beginning of your modern-day security options. If you add after-market shock sensors to your vehicle, consider a custom security system that also includes WiFi capabilities for even more protection. Unlike simple alarm systems, mobile security systems are smart upgrades that synchronize with your mobile device to give you more control over your vehicle. Instead of relying on a passive security system, make sure your alarm system actually alerts you in real time and allows you to take control of the vehicle if necessary.


At Highway HiFi, we have multiple security systems and customization options for commercial and personal vehicles. Explore your options to see which systems are right for you and your ride. Our sensitive, high-tech options include systems with door and shock sensors, as well as mobile systems that offer remote access to the ignition and door locks in case something happens. Call (321) 723-6979 to learn more about our shock sensors and other custom mobile security installations at Highway HiFi.

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