Adding a Sound System to Your Boat for Summer

Here at Highway HiFi, we are known for our car stereo installation and window tinting services in Melbourne, but that isn’t all we do. Our audio experts can install a premium sound system on your marine boat just in time to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather here in Florida.

Why Your Boat Needs a Sound System

Portable speakers have come a long way in recent years, and you’ll even find many water-resistant varieties on the market. Unfortunately, while these speakers will be all right if they get wet, they are not designed to withstand prolonged exposure to salt water. Over time, the internal components can begin to corrode. This diminishes your sound quality and possibly stops your speaker from working altogether.

While we’re on the topic of sound quality, portable speakers provide mediocre audio at best. The quality deteriorates even further the farther you get from the speaker. Even with the volume at its maximum level, you most likely won’t be able to hear the music more than a few feet away, especially with the wind and waves out on the water.

With a marine audio system, on the other hand, you’ll be able to enjoy listening to your favorite tunes from virtually anywhere on your boat. With some speakers, you can even hear the sound when riding on the wake or swimming in the water while the boat is anchored. Depending on the model you choose, you can even play different music in different areas as you move around the boat.

Choosing Your Components

Marine audio systems are made up of four primary components:

  • Source Units – The source unit is the user interface of the system. It enables you to select tracks, control the volume, and manage various sound zones throughout your boat. Some models only allow for a single zone, while others can accommodate up to five, depending on your preferences, budget, and size of boat.
  • Amplifiers – The amplifier is the mechanical component that sends information from the source unit to the speakers. Marine units are designed with space restrictions in mind, so most have incredibly compact profiles. High-end units can accommodate multiple channels, while base models typically only offer one.
  • Speakers – If you want to be able to hear the sound, you’ll need plenty of speakers scattered around your boat. Marine speakers are designed to hold up under heavy exposure to the elements. This includes rain, sea spray, and intense sun. Some varieties are flush-mounted inside your boat, while others enable you to point the speaker in the direction you want the sound to travel.
  • Subwoofers – For those who love feeling the vibrations of a pulsating bass line, your marine sound system also needs to include subwoofers. These speakers are capable of delivering the richest sound in lower registers. A high-quality subwoofer will still improve the richness of your sound quality, no matter what style of music you enjoy.

Don’t Forget about Accessories

In addition to the sound system itself, you can also add on a number of accessories to enhance your system. For example, if you like listening to the radio, a signal amplifier can help you get a clearer connection when you venture far away from the shoreline. If you are usually the one at the helm, you may wish to add a steering wheel control so that you can adjust the music without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Upgrade Your Boat with a New Sound System

We would be happy to tell you more about the many marine sound systems we offer here at Highway HiFi. We can help you select the perfect sound system for your boat. When you are ready to buy, our team will install everything for you and make sure it is working as it should. 

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