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Mobile Video and GPS Will Make You Want To Drive Everywhere

Before you hop in the car and take the whole family on a cross-country road trip this summer, make sure you visit Highway HiFi— Melbourne, Florida’s mobile video installer. Instead of hearing those groans from that back seat asking, “are we there yet?” for the twentieth time, entertain your...

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Invisible Protection For Your Car’s Paint!

The natural Florida environment is brutal to the paint of your car. Driving in Brevard County is no exception, your vehicle is constantly bombarded with road debris, sand, reclaimed water and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. You need protection for your car's paint without affecting the wonderful lines of...

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Spring Is Here! Keep Your Car Cool With Tinted Windows

Spring is here and that means its about to get HOT here in Florida and we can help you keep the inside of your car much cooler. To do that, we proudly offer Llumar, the world leader in glass treatment film. When you bring in your car or truck to Highway...

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