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CES 2017: The Latest in Mobile Audio Technology

  The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is currently underway this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the past 50 years CES has been a hub for innovators from around the world to meet and share the latest in consumer technologies and innovations of the future. Each year companies, manufacturers, developers, and...

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Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s not too late to run out and find the gifts your loved ones really want this Christmas. Instead of spending hours around town searching for the perfect gift, give them something they can use all year long! Whether that’s a new stereo system, in-car navigation, or a...

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5 Benefits of Window Tint You Should Consider

  So, you’re thinking about window tint. You’ve probably heard that it helps to cool down your vehicle during the hot Florida summers. You’ve probably seen others with dark window tint and loved the way it looks. While there are some obvious benefits to adding a tint to your...

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Must-Have Features to Assist Older Drivers

  By 2030 the number of drivers over the age of 70 is expected to jump from 30.1 million to 53.7 million. The number of older baby boomers hitting the road has been increasing and will continue to increase over the next decade....

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Top In-Car Technologies to Improve Your Ride

  It may seem impossible to navigate through the marketing jargon and ambiguous descriptions of each new technology that’s said to change your driving experience. At the end of the day, all of these changes are supposed to make life easier, right? Staying up to date on all of...

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