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Navigation Systems Beat Map Apps

To meet your in-car navigational needs, you may be relying on a smartphone app. Since the arrival of map apps, some people have assumed that dedicated navigational systems are antiquated.  However, their assumption is wrong. There are many reasons why a dedicated GPS device is more advantageous...

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Give the Gift of Safety with a Backup Camera from Highway Hifi

Backup cameras provide the luxury of so many safety benefits, that it’s hard to believe they don’t come standard in every vehicle. That’s why at Highway Hifi we proudly offer state of the art backup camera systems, so that you and everyone around you are just that much safer...

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Check out Our Auto Window Tinting Videos

At Highway Hifi we are your proud providers of Llumar Window Film. If you’re considering getting your car’s windows tinted, then look no further than our auto window tinting experts. Our site offers several informative videos regarding window tint options. Are you interested in the benefits of window tinting? As your local...

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Would You Notice If Your Factory Speakers Went Bad?

As your resource for stereo installation in Melbourne, Florida we enjoy upgrading your mobile audio experience. But what if you don’t even know that your car’s stereo system is due for an upgrade? Factory speakers may sound good at first, but will most likely deteriorate over time and require replacement. If...

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