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Adding a Sound System to Your Boat for Summer

Here at Highway HiFi, we are known for our car stereo installation and window tinting services in Melbourne, but that isn't all we do. Our audio experts can install a premium sound system on your marine boat just in time to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather here in...

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Window Tint: Self-Install vs. Professional Tinting

You've probably experienced it hundreds of times if you live in Florida. Opening your car door, only to be punched in the face with the sweltering heat that has accumulated inside. Then, when you sit down, you feel the heat radiating through your body. It's even worse if you have...

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Is Your Car Up-To-Date?

There have been some incredible advancements to in-car entertainment over the last few years. Whether it's dash systems that connect directly to your mobile device, the internet, Google Maps, or streaming media, there's no limit to what modern in-car entertainment can do. Chances are unless you've purchased your can in...

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How to Improve Your Car’s Safety with Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are automotive upgrades that make it easier to park, but this technology isn’t just convenient. By increasing your rear visibility when you need it most, backup cameras may actually save lives. Maybe that’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Car Stereo?

If you're like most people, you use the stereo in your car frequently. Whether you prefer to keep it old school and listen to the radio or stream music over a Bluetooth connection with your phone, you need to have a high-quality sound system to enjoy your favorite...

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