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All the Benefits of Starter Kills

When talking cars with your buds, how often does the topic turn to security systems for your rolling babies? Whether you are rebuilding your dad’s classic 90’s machine, want to trick out a base model Civic with a killer stereo, or own the finest street machine from the dealer’s lot, there’s probably somebody out there ready to steal your unsecured ride. You could call that big security system installer and spend a small fortune on a GPS-powered unit that monitors your every move, opt for some corporate integrated software able to disable your car with a phone call, or you could simply install a starter kill.

What is a Starter Kill?

Very simply a starter kill is a switch placed on the circuit to your car’s ignition system that prevents your engine from receiving the spark needed to start the car. It disables your ignition system when you insert a plastic key into a hidden lock placed under the dash, in your glove box or other location. You can opt for updated versions that require you enter a PIN on a touchpad.  They are generally aftermarket, which means there is no true standard for starter kills making them even harder for car thieves to crack.

Unseen Security for Your Car

A starter kill won’t change the appearance of your vehicle with flashing lights in the dash, stickers in the window, or even an added electrical box under the hood. When you are working on restoring an older machine, having a security system that doesn’t scream 21st century is a nice benefit, especially when opening the doors up to the judges at the local car show. Thieves can attempt to start your car, but won’t be able to short out the ignition without turning off the kill switch first.  They won’t be able to find the kill and if it is PIN operated, won’t be able to bypass it.

Inexpensive Option

Starter kills can be installed into your late model car without breaking the bank. While upgraded security systems with satellite tracking and live operators on new cars will cost you thousands in additional trims and packages, simply opting for an aftermarket starter kill bypasses the salesperson only interested in their commission, not your budget. You can save hundreds when you decide on this low-tech add-on that will never have its computer board fail, because there isn’t one.

No Monitoring Fee

Your starter kill will work as soon as it is installed. You don’t have to activate an account or give up a credit card number to ensure a nameless company can track your vehicle if it is ever stolen.  Once it is in, you’ll never have to spend another penny on it. You alone will dictate if it is protecting your ride.  All for free!  Meanwhile, many auto insurance policies offer additional discounts when you provide proof of installation of a theft deterrent device or security system on your vehicle. It could even pay for itself over time based on the reduction to your premium payment.

Frustrates the Impatient Car Thief

When criminals are casing a parking lot for a potential vehicle to boost, they look for ones they know they can break into and start with ease. If they stumble into difficulties, such as the ignition simply won’t engage, many thieves will just walk away instead of spending precious time on figuring out how to beat the mystery security system. Your window might be broken to gain entry, but that only costs a few hundred dollars to fix. When your vehicle that cost you thousands and perhaps you even still owe on the loan disappears, that can get very expensive.

Installation Doesn’t Take Long

Best of all, starter kills are fairly simple to install. When you purchase one at Highway HiFi and have it installed, we can have you back on the road in a single afternoon. Our technicians are not going to rip apart your interior or cut new holes in the dashboard. All the wires will run along with all your other electrical wires out of sight with a single connection under the hood.  It’ll look like nothing happened at all.

If you’d like more information on starter kills to protect your ride from car thieves in the Melborne, FL area, stop by Highway HiFi and we’ll be happy to help you out.