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Beat the Heat With Tinted Windows

You love your ride! It was so pretty sitting in the dealer’s lot, with the sun glistening off its beautiful paint job. Now you are driving around town in the middle of summer heat and wondering why you didn’t opt for the more expensive model with the fancy window tinting. You think you burned your hands on your steering wheel and if you forgot the towel for your seat, you’re doing the dance trying to keep your legs off the searing hot leather-like surface. There is great news. You can fix this problem in just a couple hours and for a very reasonable price with window tinting at Highway HiFi.

Window Tinting Lowers Your Vehicle’s Inside Temperature

With new technology, the films applied to your windshield, door and rear windows can block enough sun glare to reduce heat buildup inside your car by as much as thirty degrees.  How significant is that? Without tinting, your dash can skyrocket up to 150 degrees, hot enough to literally burn your skin. With Llumar Air Blue, you’ll be able to open you car, slide right in and put your hand on the steering wheel and dash without flinching. What a relief!

Air Conditioning Will Be More Efficient

When your A/C unit is pumping its cooled air through dash mounted vents that have been cooked under the Florida sun, how long does it take for your bare skin to feel the effects? It feels like hours, doesn’t it? With effective window tinting, your car will reach that comfortable cruising temperature much faster. You won’t be dreading heading out on a hot afternoon, but look forward to escaping the sun inside your rolling paradise.

Added UV Protection for Your Family

While you slather on the sunblock every morning, we all know its protection only lasts so long. All our premium window tinting products cut down UV exposure inside your car, protecting your skin, eyes, and even preventing the fabrics from fading over times. It’s like a permanent bottle of Coppertone in your car.

Will Tinting Block Radio and Cell Phone Signals?

Your friends might have commented that their radio reception tanked after they got their windows tinted. That may be true. We offer two levels of premium tinting–the ATR line is a metalized film. While it dramatically improves performance over simple color tinting, the metal can interfere with both radio and cell phone signals.  When you absolutely have to stay connected 24/7, you’ll want to take that into consideration when choosing the product applied to your vehicle.  The CTX line of tint films actually have ceramic in the product, which has no negative effects on electronic transmissions.  Meanwhile, ceramic provides excellent heat blocking properties.  It’s really the best option for overall performance.

True or False: Tinting Will Take Forever

False! Just like scheduling an oil change, unless the shop says 20 minute Quickie out front, we have built a perception that any customization on our cars will take days, maybe even a week. Not true! Window tinting for an entire vehicle can be applied by one of our expert technicians in under two hours. Our special lint-free area of our shop ensures that the film goes on without any air or dirt being trapped underneath–which can lower the performance of the tint. Just give us a call, we’ll talk about what model you drive and which product you prefer, schedule your appointment and you’ll be in and out of the shop in an afternoon.

Even Your Windshield Can Be Tinted

While Florida requires that visible light transmission remain at 78% for front windshields, it does not mean that you can’t enjoy lower temps and a more comfortable ride. The Llumar Air Blue series is a light blue tint with excellent heat and UV blocking technologies.  It is cut specifically to the shape and size of your windshield before we install it, so there won’t be razor blade nicks in the film or your car from fitting it to size during the application process.  Meanwhile, your passengers can enjoy cooler temps along with improved privacy using the darker tints in the rear compartment.

If you just can’t take your boiling hot car under the Florida sun one minute more, drop by Highway HiFi in Melbourne and find out all about our complete line of window tinting products and services.


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