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Leather Seats? How Window Tint Can Help

Here in Florida, we are all more familiar than we would like with the unpleasant sensation of getting into a hot car on a humid summer day. Even with the air conditioning blasting, your car can wind up feeling like a steam room at a spa after just a few minutes out in the sun. If you have leather seats, This feeling is even more uncomfortable, as the heat of the leather burns the backs of your legs when you get in. Not only that, but then your sweat starts to pool, and you end up sticking to the seats.

Aside from the discomfort, this hot, humid environment inside your car can wreak havoc on the leather itself. This can cause it to wear out and crack prematurely. Having your car’s leather seats reupholstered can be quite costly, so it is better to prevent this damage from happening in the first place. Window tinting can go a long way toward preserving your leather seats, as well as your own comfort.

Keep Your Car Cooler

Because they block out some of the sun’s rays, tinted windows help to keep the temperature down inside your car when you park it outside on a hot day. Of course, the darker the tint, the more cooling power. Your car will likely still get quite hot, especially if it is sitting out there for an extended period of time, but the temperature won’t rise as quickly during short stops.

In addition to keeping your car cooler when it is parked, window tint also helps to keep it cooler in the cabin while you are driving. By minimizing the greenhouse effect, the internal temperature will rise more slowly, making it easier for your car’s air conditioner to do its job. Over time, the heat can dry out your leather seats, causing them to crack more easily and look worn earlier than they should. Maintaining a more temperate environment will help to preserve the leather. It is also a good idea to have it treated to protect it from damage every time you have your vehicle detailed.

Aside from protecting your leather seats, keeping your car cooler inside benefits you as well. You won’t have to worry as much about burning your legs when you get in, as the seats won’t have heated up as much. When the air conditioning can cool your car faster, you’ll be much more comfortable while driving. Air conditioning also dries out the air, which can help to minimize the amount you sweat. Over time, the moisture, salt and bacteria in your sweat can damage your leather, so it is best to try to reduce the effect as much as possible. Leather treatments can help block out the moisture from sweat as well.

Block Harmful UV Rays

You know how damaging the sun’s UV rays can be for your skin, and they are just as harmful to leather seats. Over time, they can cause your leather to crack, warp and become discolored, which can ruin the interior appearance of your luxury car, making it look old and worn. With tinted windows, your car will be able to block out the bulk of the UV rays. Think of it like sunscreen for your car.

When parking your car, always try to park with the back or side of the vehicle facing the sun. This way, you’ll maximize your protection. Because you can’t tint your windshield, it won’t provide any protection for your front seats, so turn away from the sun to make the most of this benefit of tinted windows.

Learn More About Window Tinting for Your Vehicle

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