Spring Is Here! Keep Your Car Cool With Tinted Windows

Spring Is Here! Keep Your Car Cool With Tinted Windows

Spring is here and that means its about to get HOT here in Florida and we can help you keep the inside of your car much cooler. To do that, we proudly offer Llumar, the world leader in glass treatment film.

When you bring in your car or truck to Highway HiFi, we will be able to apply a window film that dramatically reduces the amount of UV, Infrared and Visible light from coming into your vehicle by using either a metalized or ceramic film that converts solar radiation to infrared radiation (heat) and reflect it away from the inside of your cabin.
What window tint do I need for my car?
It really comes down to 3 different types of products. Every brand that makes window tint has fancy names for their products but here is what they all boil down to:

Dyed Plastic Film – We offer Llumar’s ATC, a Premium Dyed Film. Dyed plastic films are very similar to the tint used on vehicles that come with tinted windows from the factory. It’s a good product, has a limited lifetime warranty against “bubbling” and changing color.
The Good: Most wallet friendly of Llumar products. Won’t Affect RF signals (cell phones, GPS devices, navigation, keyless entry, etc.).¬†
The Ugly: low heat and UV protectant

Metallic Window Film – We offer Llumar’s ATR or High Performance Metalized Film. It’s a great product boasting strong UV and Infrared protection which means that it will help significantly cool the interior of your car. Llumar also supports the ATR product with a limited lifetime warranty, which means you’ll never have to worry about bubbled, purple windows. The only downside to metalized window film is that they will all have a negative affect on radio frequencies inside your car. We often say that your cell phone signal could be affected by as much as “1 bar” or signal.

The Good: Mid level pricing. incredible UV and Infrared radiation protection.
The Ugly: Could hurt your cell phone signal

Ceramic Window Film“The Good Stuff”. Llumar’s CTX – Signal Enabling Film. As technology has improved, Llumar has been able to produce a window film that has BETTER UV and Infrared radiation protection that metallic films and because they don’t contain metal particles, CTX won’t hurt your cell phone signal strength.

The Good: Awesome product Р5% better UV and infrared radiation protection than ATR. Has NO affect on wireless signal. 
The Ugly: Higher Price-point…. and thats it.

One other thing you should be aware of when looking to tint the windows on your car/truck. If you are like me and hate getting into a hot vehicle (even if you have already tinted the side and rear windows) you should ask us about Llumar AIR Blue. When your car has been sitting in the sun for hours, sunlight and radiation pass easily through your windshield and are absorbed by your dash or reflected off of it and then bounce around in your car. So Llumar has developed a CLEAR window tint, that is perfect on your windshield.

While most window film uses very dark tint to active high levels of solar energy rejection, AIR Blue is clear enough to pass visible light transmission laws in every state (78%). Llumar AIR Blue was tested in an extreme climate and was show to reduce interior surfaces by as much as 30 degrees!

So what does this mean to you? It can dramatically reduce damage to your skin from UV, visible and IR rays. It will protect your dash from pre-mature aging symptoms like color-fade and cracking. Lastly, and definitely most important, Cold Air Conditioning faster! A dash that is cooler by 30 degrees means it won’t heat the air passing through it and you will feel cold air quicker in a cabin that is already cooler when you get it! Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Llumar AIR Blue then you need to call us today for more information! (and to make an appointment)

If you have any questions regarding Melbourne FL window tint, don’t hesitate to call one of our professionals.

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