Window Tint: Self-Install vs. Professional Tinting

You’ve probably experienced it hundreds of times if you live in Florida. Opening your car door, only to be punched in the face with the sweltering heat that has accumulated inside. Then, when you sit down, you feel the heat radiating through your body. It’s even worse if you have a leather interior, as then you run the risk of burning yourself (or at the very least stick to the seating). Now, it’s not always possible to park in the shade, and window shades only really work for the front windshield. That’s why you’re much better off having window tint installed into your car. No matter the model or its age, expertly installed window tinting will help you beat the heat year round.

Avoid Self Install Window Tint

While it might seem like a good idea, never self install window tint. Self-install window tint is difficult to properly apply to your window. It needs to be spotless and adhered perfectly to the glass in the right temperature conditions. However, even if you follow the instructions exactly as given, you’ll likely end up with bubbling and cracking throughout the tint. This leaves you with an ugly tint application that also reduces the value of your vehicle.

Additionally, self-install window tint can potentially render your vehicle illegal to drive. If the front windshield bubbles, or if it is too dark, it will be deemed illegal to drive in Florida. This means all the time, energy, and money you put into applying the window tint yourself will have gone to waste. Instead, always go with a professional window tint installation.

Different Tint Application Options

There are a handful of window tint application options, beyond just the tint darkness level. The tint itself is often made of different materials, including plastic film, high performance metalized film, and ceramic film. Each of these films come with certain benefits you should consider.

The high performance metalized and plastic films give you some of the very best UV and infrared radiation protection. This will block out sun rays and keep your vehicle feeling cooler. It will also help protect the interior of your vehicle from possible sun bleaching. The ceramic film, however, is one of the top performing window tints on the market. This might be the best option if you’re a Florida resident. It gives you a five percent boost in UV and infrared protection compared to other materials on the market.

Expertly Installed

The expertly installed window tint will be lighter weight than the self-installed materials. You’ll also end up with a better looking final product that meets all of the Florida state law tinting requirements.

One of the great aspects of living in Florida is having beautiful sunshine throughout the year. However, during the summer months, this sunshine can make it extremely hot. While there isn’t always a way to escape the sun, there is a way to protect the interior of your car from the heat. With expertly installed window tint from Highway HiFi, you’ll block out heat while also protecting the inside of your car from the bleaching caused by sunlight. If you’re tired of dealing with high temperatures inside your car and want to improve your overall comfort level, contact us at Highway HiFi to speak with one of our professionals to find the best tint fit for your car.


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